REJUVE harmonia



People with normal/combination skins have

an increased activity of the sebaceous glands

in the T-zone, producing excess sebum (oil),

and are therefore more susceptible to comedones,
blackheads, build up of keratinized cells

on the surface of the skin and blemishes

(breakout activity), accompanied with some dryness

at the perimeter of the face, which lacks moisture.

This Range includes following products

Active cleanser

 A milk cleanser that effectively cleanses normal, combination skin by removing excess sebum, impurities and eliminate dead cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin. It does not strip the natural moisture from the skin and helps to rebalance the skin’s pH. 

derma moist

  Oil in water moisturizer that balances oily and dry zones present in normal and combination skin types. Protect the skin against cellular oxidation, activate the process of cell regeneration , repair and nourish the skin fighting against dehydration and soothe the skin. 


  Light-weight moisturizer works to deliver powerful, hydrating, soothing and revitalising effect, balancing the oily and dry zones of the face. It has keratolytic, comedolytic and antibacterial properties and simultaneously revitalizes, heals, soothes, replenishes and hydrates the skin.  


  Hydrating and revitalising mask that makes use of its active ingredients in order to balance and purify the skin, thus preventing skin relaxation. It encourages skin regeneration by nourishing the epidermis, restoring and conditioning for a more toned, healthy and elastic skin. It also calms and soothes the skin. 


   Highly hydrating serum that revives the metabolism and restores the ideal cellular regeneration in the skin while retaining moisture, leaving the skin softer and smoother.