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Since the dawn of time, the beauty of human beings has been obvious. God created us with stunning features, individual flair, and physically pleasing characteristics that make up an image to remember.Whether you’re longing to reverse the common signs of aging or address a skin issue that otherwise would require an invasive treatment, you have more options in looking and feeling better with our laser treatments provided by Xlase Plus. Our  treatments can  help to remove hairs with virtually  no downtime.



With our latest technology platform we can use different applicator. Currently we are providing CPL, ND:YAG and Diode laser treatment. Looking to add Q-Switched CR:YAG and Ebrium YAG in the future to provide wide range of treatments such as Tattoo removal and FemiLift (Vaginal rejuvenation). 

CPL Hair Removal Videos


Calibrated pulsed light with square pulse technology and dual mode filtering

 CPL technology provides a wide range of wavelengths for the treatment of a number of skin conditions, including the removal of unwanted hair, vascular lesions, epidermal pigmented lesions, photo-damage and acne vulgaris. 

Check out this great video of CPL hail Removal.

ND:YAG Hair Removal Video

 The Nd:Yag applicator grants exceptionally fast treatments with high efficacy and comfort and allows independent control of fluence, pulse duration and repetition rates to tailor your treatment parameters. 

Check out this great video about ND:YAG Hair Removal.

Diode Hair removal

Diode Laser hair removal is one of the most comfortable procedures for permanent hair removal. A slight discomfort may be sensed as the laser hand-piece passes over the treatment areas but no topical anesthetics are necessary for this procedure. 
The Diode applicator is also considered the "gold-standard" of hair-removal lasers as it can be used to treat all skin types effectively and with the fewest number of treatments. 

Check out this great video about Diode laser hair removal

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