Rejuve Range

Rejuve : The Name (reversal of ageing process)


Rejuvenation refers to the repair of damage that is associated with aging or replacement

of damaged tissue with new tissue.

Thus, Rejuve dedicates its products to preserve the beauty, to rejuvenate the cells,

tissues and organs of the body  so as ‘to restore to youthful appearance’.

Please call us or come  in to the practice to know more about the products or to book a consultation to customize these products to your beauty regime as per your concerns. 

Different Range Available for all skin concerns

Rejuve aura range (Dry/sensitive skin)


 The skin concerns for this type are   
 Dryness Dehydration Irritation/Redness Flaky/tight/itchy skin  

rejuve essence range (mature/ageing skin)


  The skin concerns for this type are   
  Age spots  Dryness  Broken blood vessels  Thinning and wrinkling of skin  Sagging/ lack of skin laxity  

rejuve harmonia range (normal/combination skin)


 The skin concerns for this type are   
 Clogged pores Oily T-zone Occasional breakouts Dryness(Lack of moisture) premature ageing  

rejuve refine range (oily/blemished skin)


  The skin concerns for this type are   
  Excess sebum/ shiny apperance  Visible comedones    Usual breakouts/blemishes  Irritated and blemished skin  

rejuve interactice range (mix&match)


  This range is non skin type and can be mix & match with any range to integrate into your daily regime to complete, boost and treat any concerns.